About Us - How we Began

Thank you so much for visiting Redemption Shield® Our vision and passion is offering highly effective products that shield from; 5G | Microwave | EMF | RF | Millimeter Wave Radiation, saving the world one customer at a time.

Each of our products have been tested in labs and reviewed by thousands of customers. Our team has an eye for excellence, coming from a variety of backgrounds in the corporate world.

There is and ever alarming influx of microwave and millimeter wave radiation from electronics, cell towers, smart meters, microwaves, radar, wifi, bluetooth  and so much more. We are now seeing the full rollout of 5G since January 19, 2022. In addition to 5G cell towers, there are thousands of 5G and new 6G satellites in our orbit! Now is the time to begin shielding.

Our luxurious shielding blankets designed in the USA, have been sold all over the world and now our newly designed canopies, are leading the market.  We offer a variety of options and consult customers based on their individual specifications. 

One thing you can be sure of, Redemption Shield® products aid in 5G | Microwave | EMF | RF | Millimeter Wave Radiation and staying grounded to the earth. Quality and effectiveness are of utmost importance! 

As we all maneuver this extreme electronic world, may we all find health, wholeness, vitality and strength...with reasonably priced products that far surpass other products on the market! 

Over 400 - 5 star Reviews... 

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