Stop the Wireless Invasion and Enactment of HR 3557, HR 4141, HR 3280, HR 4006 | Wireless Dangers | Cell Tower Dangers | Wifi Dangers| EMF Protection.

Stop the Wireless Invasion and Enactment of HR 3557, HR 4141, HR 3280, HR 4006

Stop the Wireless Invasion and Enactment of HR 3557, HR 4141, HR 3280, HR 4006 | Wireless Dangers | Cell Tower Dangers | Wifi Dangers| EMF Protection. in

Stop the Wireless Invasion and Enactment of HR 3557, HR 4141, HR 3280, HR 4006

Envision a world where instead of seeing trees, flowers, and people, you see a cold steel cell tower as the very first thing that you know when you go outside with people absorbing radiation more than ever—This is precisely what the future holds for every American if Congress passes the American Broadband Deployment Act of 2023, known as H.R. 3557.

What is the HR 3557?

HB 3557, or the American Broadband Deployment Act of 2023, is a bill sponsored by Rep. Carter, Earl L. “Buddy” to speed up the installation of infrastructure for internet access. At a glance, it is a good idea because internet access is necessary today.

Looking closely, it could severely restrict local governments regarding land use and the deployment of telecommunications infrastructures. It could even limit local authorities’ ability to negotiate and renew franchise agreements, including Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) Channels.

Now, several counties openly oppose the enactment of HR 3557 to protect all local zoning and land use rights during the broadband infrastructure deployment process.

What Will Happen if HR 3557 is Passed through Congress?

Monopoly has always been used to control the market and, in most instances, people. As such, it’s no surprise that for more than 30 years, telecom monopolies have been lobbying for laws that run in their favor, including HR 3557.

The National Association of Towns and Telecommunications Officials (NATOA) expressly opposed HR 3557 as they claimed that it granted excessive power to broadband firms at the expense of local governments.

In addition, NATOA said that the Act’s failure to compel internet service providers to extend service to underserved or unserved areas raised concerns about the possibility of the digital divide deepening.

In other words, if HR 3557 is enacted, the people who will benefit from the law the most are the telecom giants who lobbied for the Act, while the public will be forced to stand and watch as their property, health, environment, privacy, and local government rights are stolen from them.

A tower could go up right over your home and you will have zero ability to stop it. Your local authorities will have zero authority and any state reps. This will tie everyones hands behind our backs!

Sign up here if you want to oppose the enactment of H.R. 3557.

Why You Should Be Concerned and Be Involved in Stopping HR 3557

The enactment of HR 3557, or the American Broadband Deployment Act of 2023, could potentially usher in a historic federal takeover of the local government’s right and authority to manage land use and public right-of-way, with the bill putting more interest on the telecom giants than the public’s.

As such, local governments nationwide are rallying for its stoppage. They contend that the Act could result in hurried approvals without adequate local supervision since it places new deadlines and “deemed granted” remedies on applications for telecommunications projects.

Moreover, counties and cities are pleading with Congress to maintain local zoning and land use regulations during broadband infrastructure rollout.

The National Association of Counties (NACo) emphasized the significance of local decision-making in the implementation of broadband infrastructure projects because “a preemption of local decision-making authority would only subvert the intentions of historic federally-funded broadband programs.”

This is why the public is urged to participate in the legislative process to guarantee that their rights and interests are upheld—whether you’re voicing concerns to congressional officials or promoting the cause on social media, every action counts.

The Present and Future of Our Children is at Stake!

Every present-day person has the moral responsibility of protecting the community’s rights for future generations, as every action that people make is interconnected and could have long-term consequences that will affect the future.

By taking away the authority of local governments, parents, educators, and concerned people to determine the location and method of telecommunications equipment installation in their areas, this Act poses a threat to the voice of communities.

The thought of the community, especially the children, being more exposed to radiation should spark the worry of every person in the community, especially with the health risks that radiation comes with.

Take Action Right Now!

With telecom giants attempting to take over the local government’s role and authority, the public needs to rally together. Every signature counts. We stand on the precipice of a decision that could reshape our environment and health in ways we may not fully understand for years.

Our current choices, actions, and inactions are interrelated and have long-term effects that will impact the prospects, livelihoods, quality of life, and lives of those who will inherit the globe from us. Therefore, the present generation’s moral duty is to preserve and transfer the resources required to guarantee sustainable and desirable futures for children, youth, and future generations.

Your voice matters in the fight to stop the wireless invasion—sign up to oppose the enactment of H.R. 3557, and let’s preserve the sanctity of our community spaces together. Let your voice be heard, and sign the petition today.

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