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Works! Kept out signal from my phone, excited to use and make pouches for my homeopathics and other items needing protection. Excellent service, packaging and presentation.

Military-Grade Fabric

Sherry Lewis

Fits nicely. Not loose nor tight. It keeps a body warm. I noted this morning when I awoken that my mind was clearer then it was before. I had more energy. I really think it works to block EMF’s. I have a cell phone tower right across the street from me. The smart meter has given me trouble and the kicker is my Yorkie just died suddenly from cancer which has been hell. I think he obtained cancer from the cell tower. I really do belueve it. I am now protecting my other dog and cat from this radiation crap. Please get this hat people. Merry Christmas everyone and keep yourselves safe.

Protective Beanie Hat



Just the right size for my ottoman where one of my cats often lays, and where I plant my bare feet as I interface with my iPad Pro on an easel between chair and ottoman. It will give double duty! Hope it holds up to cats. It arrived promptly! Thank you.

Grounding Pet Mat

Jan McLarty

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