Enormous Cell Tower hovering over a forest area. EMF Radiation pouring out over our beautiful land. EMF Blocking Fabric | Shielding Fabrics | Block Silver Fabric | Microwave Radiation.

Explore Act 2024 Must be Amended to Protect National Parks from Cell Towers

Enormous Cell Tower hovering over a forest area. EMF Radiation pouring out over our beautiful land. EMF Blocking Fabric | Shielding Fabrics | Block Silver Fabric | Microwave Radiation. in

Why We Must Protect National Parks: Amending the Explore Act 2024

To many, parks are considered sanctuaries where you can sigh a relief after a tiring day, a place where children can play with their friends, and a place where you can spend in tranquility.

However, those days could soon be over because of HR 6492.

HR 6492, or the Expanding Public Lands Outdoor Recreation Experiences (EXPLORE) Act, was introduced to enhance the recreation experience of the public; however, behind the beautiful and holistic objective, there is a potential danger that it could bring if not addressed quickly.

What is HR 6492 (Explore Act)?

HR 6492, or the Expanding Public Lands Outdoor Recreation Experiences (EXPLORE) Act, is a house bill introduced by Representatives Bruce Westerman (R-AR) and Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) to improve recreational opportunities for federal public lands and waters by improving outdoor recreation infrastructures and adopting collaborations between agencies and communities.

Many organizations are rallying behind the bill, and thousands of people are engaging in recreational activities to improve mental and physical health.

Several federal agencies and conservation organizations also recognize the bill’s potential impact on sustainability and accessibility of recreation experiences.

The bill aims to establish a council dedicated to outdoor recreation and the development of an Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program. Through this council and program, the secretary is empowered to award special grants for projects that center around land acquisition for parks and recreation, remodeling, and providing access to low-income families and communities.

Although the EXPLORE Act has since been introduced, recreation groups and enthusiasts hope the bill will soon be enacted into law. The bill is still under review and consideration under the Committee on Agriculture’s Subcommittee on Forestry and Commodity Markets, Digital Assets, and Rural Development.

Why Senators Should Vote Against the Passing of the Explore Act

Congress has long aimed to enhance the public’s recreational experience by utilizing technology to address the complicated permit process on federal lands and waters, eventually resulting in people getting more accessible access to recreational spaces and activities.

On the surface, the Explore Act provides for a good and holistic objective; however, looking at the bigger picture might create a bigger problem than it aims to solve.

  1. Environmental Concerns

What recreation enthusiasts and groups fail to realize is that if the government expands outdoor recreation, there is a possibility that the whole ecosystem can be disrupted due to the foot traffic and human activity in previously protected areas to the point that it can harm delicate ecosystems and disturb wildlife.

  1. Overcrowding

Many conservation groups are rallying behind the EXPLORE Act due to its potential.

Since the bill aims to make recreation more accessible to the public, it could easily cause overcrowding, which in turn, ruin the recreation experience, which would soon lead to commercialization of the entire experience.

  1. Public Safety

Public Safety should always be considered when introducing a bill into Congress.

Since the bill can easily cause overcrowding, it can also increase the risks of accidents and injuries when doing recreational activities outdoors, thereby straining local medical professionals who would clean up the mess.

Why Deploying Cell Towers across Federal Lands is Harmful

One of the factors that the EXPLORE Act boasts about is the creation of digitized park passes and streamlined permits for parks. Under the bill, the secretary can develop a plan “to install cellular service equipment and infrastructure in certain areas of National Parks.”

However, deploying cell towers across federal land is harmful for the following reasons:

  1. Environmental Impact

One of the most evident reasons why deploying cell towers is harmful is because it can hurt the environment and even potentially harm wildlife by destroying animal habitats and the natural landscape of the land. It can also lead to deforestation and even soil erosion.

  1. Destroying Natural Beauty

America is filled with naturally contoured lands and beautifully crafted parks. If the government is given the power to install cell towers in these lands, then it can heavily impact the natural beauty of the environment and the tranquility of the land.

  1. EMF Exposure

Cell towers emit radio-frequency electromagnetic fields, which could have adverse health effects due to the public’s constant exposure.

Sign Up Now to Halt HR 6492 the Explore Act!

Congress has long aimed to install wireless facilities nationwide to promote its agenda, without regard for the environment and its potential risks due to continuous exposure to radiofrequency.

As the federal government has determined the safety levels of radiofrequency radiation exposure, passing a bill that includes the installation of cell towers along the very parks that every child and family plays in undermines the risks of radiation and the environment.

Although the bill is currently under review and for consideration, everyone is called upon to rise and sign the petition to halt HR 6492 or the Expanding Public Lands Outdoor Recreation Experiences (EXPLORE) Act. Sign the petition and help protect our national parks and wilderness

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