1-Door 100% Silver Spun Nylon EMF Protection Shielding Bed Canopy


Introducing our 1-Door 100% Silver Spun Nylon EMF Protection Shielding Bed Canopy—an essential addition to your bedroom for reducing exposure to harmful 5G, EMF, RF, EMR, and Microwave Radiation, ensuring a restful and peaceful sleep in your own personal bed sanctuary.

Introducing our 1-Door 100% Silver Spun Nylon EMF Protection Shielding Bed Canopy—an essential addition to your bedroom for reducing exposure to harmful 5G, EMF, RF, EMR, and Microwave Radiation, ensuring a restful and peaceful sleep in your own personal bed sanctuary.

Crafted with a cylindrical design that widens at the end, this canopy offers comprehensive protection. For a looser fit, we recommend choosing one size up from your bed size. Additionally, if you sleep on an upper floor, it’s crucial to have under-body protection for full Faraday EMF shielding.

At Redemption Shield®, we offer bundle sets featuring under-body protection options such as grounding sheets, mats, or fabric, providing you with a complete EMF-protected sleeping environment.

How Faraday Silver Fabric Works for EMF Protection

Our Faraday Silver Fabric undergoes rigorous testing and measurement using an RF Meter, ensuring accurate assessment and protection against microwave radiation. While occasional phone signals may penetrate the canopy, the decrease in radiation levels measured by an RF Meter confirms effective protection. Results may vary depending on home conditions.

Our Shielding Canopies provide exceptional electromagnetic protection without the need for costly military-grade tents that require forced air.

Comfort and EMF Protection at its Finest~


  • 100% Silver Spun Nylon or total comparable 20% Silver to 80% Nylon
  • 15ft Grounding Cord Included 100 ohm resistor (USA Type B, Type G, Type C, Type I, Available)
  • Tested Attenuation: 30MHz-20GHz = 40.6-40.8dB
  • Single Side Opening, ring included (Material appears somewhat wrinkled)
  • If you have a larger headboard and/or want a looser fit, go one size up than your current bed size
  • 5G | Millimeter Wave | Microwave Radiation | EMF Protection | Faraday
  • Does not offer protection below your body – You will need a bottom layer EMF protection product, for full faraday EMF protection with second floor or higher

Size: (One size up from your current bed size offers more flexibility)

  • Twin Size please use a full size canopy. The twin size is just to small
  • Full Size approx. 20in across the top x 98in H x 315in around the bottom of your bed
  • Queen Size approx. 20in across the top x 98in H x 315in around the bottom of your bed
  • King Size approx. 24in across the top x 98inH x 468in around the bottom of your bed
  • XL King Size approx. 24in across the top x 98in H x 709in around the bottom of the bed

Washing and Care Instructions:

  • Gentle Cycle using a mild liquid laundry detergent
  • Line dry or dry in a dryer on low


  • Don’t wash with bleach
  • Don’t wash with fabric softeners
  • Don’t use whitening detergents, oxi-detergents
  • Don’t use detergents with strong fragrances (either chemical or essential oil based)
  • Don’t use dryer sheet fabric softeners
  • Don’t dry clean
  • Don’t iron

Tips for Maintaining Conductive Properties

Fabric softener builds up on the silver and will eventually ruin its conductive properties. Please also check/clean the detergent drawer of your washing machine for residues of other detergents, since many detergents (particular powders) contain whitening agents which harm the silver, even in a small quantities.

GROUNDING CORDS MUST BE KEPT OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK Any silver fabrics can see some oxidation over time, this cannot be avoided. It is best to use this fabric in a low humidity environment. 

Thank you for visiting us at Redemption Shield – EMF Protection at its Finest~



Queen/Full, King, XL King

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Deborah Brown
The Best Experience I’ve Had With An Online Store !

This is by far a class act professional business. The product I ordered, 1-Door 100% Silver Spun NylonEMF Protection Shielding Canopy, is just what I’ve been looking for, and I have been researching these for four years. I was all set to go with another company, but thank goodness I happened upon Redemption Shield’s website. Their bed canopy was $300 less than the one I almost bought, and Redemption Shield’s bed canopy had the same attenuation rating ! The shipping of my item was SUPER FAST ! I got it all set up quickly as it was really simple. I tested it once it was up and ready to use and I was thrilled with my new canopy’s performance ! I had a reading outside the canopy of 0.220 and above, and inside the canopy it went to 0.000. The owner of the store, Gina, even called herself because I called and left a voice message explaining my problem when I placed my order, because I had made a mistake on my order. Gina was so pleasant to deal with, and talk to. She really made my order, and my ordering mistake a breeze, and she personally took care of it immediately. I would highly recommend buying from this online store, and I will be a future customer. Thank you Team Redemption Shield for a great experience !

Wow, we are so thankful for your very kind and thoughtful review Deborah! Our team at Redemption Shield are very glad to be of service and we are also thrilled you received the amazing attention of our Founder Gina Paeth. Best of Health~

Martine Davis
Excellent protection

This canopy is a great value. I get zero on my RF Meter inside the canopy and I get sufficient ventilation with this fabric. I've had this for almost 2 years and I love it. I wake up fully rested and full of energy.

Thank you for your review Martine! We love to hear your test results and feel honored to offer a quality product at a reasonable price. Best of Health~

Good cotton spun 5G protection bed canopy

I have used the grounded canopy over my bed and computer desk for about a month. Canopy has significantly decreased my skin and ear irritation. My plan is to purchase a second canopy for maximum protection.

Great to hear your Cotton Spun Silver Bed Canopy has helped you with your skin and ear irritation! We appreciate your review. Best of health~

Lots of signs im getting much deeper sleep

I decided ut was time to try this stuff out after moving into a 50+ unit building. I noticed my sleep getting much more restless and harder to fall asleep.

I noticed a huge difference right away, going from 3-6 hours of sleep on my night shift schedule to 8-10h of sleep. Its also been taking me 30-90 min to "wake up" instead of usually waking up almost stressed out. I feel all "slugish" waking up now but in a good deep sleep kind of way.

Im only about 2 weeks into using it so I'm excited to see how things go in the months to come

Thank you Jeremie! We are super happy you're sleeping better.... so important! Best of health~

Marcel Mihailescu
Works great

The canopy works as planned.
The sleep is very refreshing.

Thank you for your review and glad to hear your feeling refreshed! Best of health~

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