Earthing Grounding Flat Bed Sheet 10% Silver Combed Cotton


Experience the revolutionary comfort of the Redemption Shield® Earthing Grounding Flat Bed Sheet. Crafted from ultra-soft combed cotton infused with a durable 10% conductive silver fiber, our discreet design ensures maximum effectiveness without sacrificing style.

Experience the revolutionary comfort of the Redemption Shield® Earthing Grounding Flat Bed Sheet. Crafted from ultra-soft combed cotton infused with a durable 10% conductive silver fiber, our discreet design ensures maximum effectiveness without sacrificing style.

In today’s digital age, combat the effects of electronic smog with the healing power of earthing. Simply spend 8 hours sleeping on our grounding sheet to enjoy a restful night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.

Tested for safety and efficacy using a multimeter, our grounding sheet’s silver fiber is expertly woven to minimize exposure while maximizing benefits. Join thousands of satisfied customers who have reclaimed their sleep and revitalized their well-being with Redemption Shield.

Invest in yourself today with Redemption Shield’s grounding sheet – the ultimate solution for modern-day stressors.

Comfort and Grounding at it’s Finest~


  • Connection stud at the edge where the connection cord snaps
  • 15ft Grounding Cord Included 100 ohm resistor (USA Type B, Type G, Type C, Type I, Available)
  • 90% Combed Cotton 10% Silver Spun Nylon
  • Conductive, Antistatic, Antibacterial, Anti Dust Mite, Anti odor
  • 5G | Millimeter Wave | Microwave Radiation | EMF Protection | Faraday


  • Twin Size Flat Bed Sheet – 55x77in
  • Full Size Flat Bed Sheet – 62x82in
  • Queen Size Flat Bed Sheet – 98x102in
  • King Size Flat Bed Sheet – 98x108in


  • Beige
  • Light Gray
  • Gray

Washing and Care Instructions:

  • Gentle Cycle using a mild liquid laundry detergent
  • Line dry or dry in a dryer on low


  • Don’t wash with bleach
  • Don’t wash with fabric softeners
  • Don’t use whitening detergents, oxi-detergents
  • Don’t use detergents with strong fragrances (either chemical or essential oil based)
  • Don’t use dryer sheet fabric softeners
  • Don’t dry clean
  • Don’t iron

Tips for Maintaining Conductive Properties

Fabric softener builds up on the silver and will eventually ruin its conductive properties. Please also check/clean the detergent drawer of your washing machine for residues of other detergents, since many detergents (particular powders) contain whitening agents which harm the silver, even in a small quantities.

Earthing (Grounding) Explained:

The earth is a massive reservoir of negatively charged free electrons. Without a connection to earth, the cells in our body are unable to balance the positive charge which results from things like electron-deficient free radicals.

When we use the earthing products, the positive and negative ions are attracted together and the negative ions enter the human body to keep us in good health.

Some have reported the following benefits, staying connected to earth:

  • Improved Sleep
  • Assists in Regulating Hormones
  • Improved Circulation
  • Reduced Stress/Anxiety/Irritability
  • Reduced Electro-sensitivity
  • Maintain Bio-Electrical Balance
  • Anti Aging/Antioxidant/Anti-Inflammatory
  • Improved Immune Function


Thank you for visiting us at Redemption Shield – EMF Protection at it’s Finest~

Bed size

Twin Size Flat Sheet, Full Size Flat Sheet, Queen Size Flat Sheet, King Size Flat Sheet


Beige, Light Gray, Gray

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Never want to sleep on anything else but my new grounding sheets again!

We are super happy you love your sheets Lisa! Thank you for your 5-star review! Best of Health~

Tami Page
Great quality and performance

I spent days researching companies who sell grounding sheets because I wanted one that was shipped from the US. Redemption Shield is based out of Minnesota. I called to talk to a real person Gina who was wonderful and helped me decide which products to buy. The sheet arrived in a few days. I also like that Redemption Shields grounding sheets are cotton & 10% silver vs most of the others are only 5%. I’ve been using the grounding sheet for 1.5 weeks & went from only sleeping 2 hrs per night to 8.5 hrs per night & wake up full of energy. These sheets totally work. I bought a 2nd set for a family member and now I’m on a quest to tell everyone who will listen to buy grounding products from Redemption Shield. Thank you for creating these and providing excellent customer service.

Thank you so much for you fantastic Review Tami! We are really happy to offer amazing grounding bed sheets, that are just as you say... Best of Health~

Better sleep

I received the best customer care service. This company has gone above and beyond to provide great service and quality products. I bought the pillow case for my daughter who has health issues. My daughter stated she is sleeping well and finally feeling well rested. I'm thankful for this company and will be purchasing more products in the future.

That is wonderful new! Thank you so much for your support ...we are very thrilled your daughter is sleeping better. Happy New Year~

Pamela Kretz
awesome sheets

Very comfortable to sleep in. Glad to know I'm being protected.

Thank you for your 5-star review Pamela! Enjoy Grounding Best of Health~

Smooth Fabric

The fabric is quite smooth, which was a concern coming from someone used to high thread count sheets. I believe we noticed a slight improvement in sleep with the grounding sheets and pillowcases. Both were received too recently to comment on laundering. We are happy with the product and would purchase again.

Thank you for the 5-star review Elmont63! This is one of my favorite products in our store line. The fabric is soft and its very difficult to find 10% silver in a grounding sheet. Best of Health~ Gina Please follow us at; Twitter @redemptionemf and Instagram @redemptionshield

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