How Many 5G Cell Towers Are There? Cell Tower Dangers | Microwave Radiation | 5G | 6G | Large Cell Mast.

Keep Yourself and Your Home Safe from Electromagnetic Frequencies

How Many 5G Cell Towers Are There? Cell Tower Dangers | Microwave Radiation | 5G | 6G | Large Cell Mast. in

Keep Yourself and Your Home Safe from Electromagnetic Frequencies

Electricity lines, telephones, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, laptops, and many more, emit a stream of energy waves that are not visible to the naked eye.  We call those energy waves EMFs. Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) can occur naturally and through man-made technology. People depend more on technology than ever as it makes life more convenient. However, not all of us are aware of the potential health dangers posed by the devices that make our world function. Now, experts are concerned about the possible adverse consequences of electromagnetic fields on human health.

What are Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF)?

People have been confronted with an ever-rising number of electromagnetic field (EMF) sources. These EMFs originate from various sources, including telecommunications, energy, appliances, medical equipment, and many other devices that we use in our day-to-day lives. EMFs are produced by various household products, including low-power light bulbs, television and computer screens, electric heaters, and many others including, but not limited to the following:
  • Television
  • Cellphone
  • Wi-Fi
  • Radar
  • Smart Appliances
  • Microwaves
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Satellites
  • Radios
  • Baby Monitors
Although these new technologies have become unavoidable and vital, the electromagnetic fields (EMF) they generate may pose risks and hazards to human health.

Are EMFs Harmful?

After twenty years of intense research, whether or not exposure to electromagnetic fields threatens human health remains unanswered. Several studies have concluded that there is insufficient evidence to suggest that exposure to EMF threatens one’s health. Nonetheless, organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) have recommended safety guidelines for protecting all living beings. The question remains, are these standards stringent enough?

Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Home from EMF

Everyone should take every safety measure possible to reduce our exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) to as low a level as is reasonably feasible, regardless of whether the effects of these EMFs are insignificant or a grave threat to one’s health.
  1. Know which appliance or device radiates EMFs

Simply being aware of the EMFs frequently present in your immediate environment is the simplest way to lessen your exposure to them. Nevertheless, there are instances when you can’t quickly notice, like a cell tower or internet router. An example of a source of electricity that most people need help to recognize is wiring that is either worn out or poorly done. EMF Building Biologists can evaluate your house’s electromagnetic radiation using specialist equipment. A consultant can assist you in determining the sources of radiation that are not immediately visible and can also provide recommendations for addressing the situation.
  1. Limit your use of phones and smart appliances

Taking a few breaks from your electronic gadgets is a good idea because the more time you spend on them, the better. It is easier. You only have to move your phone to a different room rather than placing it on the table. It is important to note that even when you put away your mobile phone, it continues to ping to a cell towers and WI-FI devices and communicate with them. While sleeping, driving, and even working, consider turning it off or putting it in airplane mode. At regular intervals, you can turn it back on to check for voicemails and missed calls while taking pleasure in the enhanced productivity you have achieved.
  1. Use blocking or shielding fabric

Power lines and mobile phone towers are examples of EMFs originating outside the home. You should invest in shielding paints if your house is near these characteristics. When inside the house, military-grade fabrics can serve as an excellent barrier to prevent unwanted frequencies from coming through. Using EMF-blocking Fabric is as easy as hanging over a wall that is a hot spot. EMF Shielding Curtains are also great for protection over window areas.
  1. Use EMF-reducing tools and accessories

You can reduce the amount of radiation received from any device with the help of EMF blockers, diverters, and absorbers. Plenty of EMF-reducing products are on the market, like the EMF Protection Wallet Shielding Scarfs or Hats, and bags for your phones and credit cards. Check out Redemption Shield for a wide range of EMF-reducing products that you can buy for your home and your family.

Wrapping It Up

Being aware of the presence of EMFs and taking precautions regarding the amount of time you spend in touch with them is the most effective way to protect yourself from their potential effects. Although scientists have concluded that EMFs pose no grave threat, for now, one has to ensure that they are continuously on the lookout for new research being conducted. Nonetheless, it’s essential to be prepared. Redemption Shield has been at the forefront of providing people with protection from the potentially harmful effects of EMFs. Redemption Shield has established itself as a reliable provider of EMF protection devices of the highest quality.

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