EMF Radiation Protection: Expert Tips for Your Home. Baby Monitor Dangers | EMF Protection | EMF Blocker | Microwave Radaition.

Is Your Home 100% Protected from EMF Radiation?

EMF Radiation Protection: Expert Tips for Your Home. Baby Monitor Dangers | EMF Protection | EMF Blocker | Microwave Radaition. in

Is Your Home 100% Protected from EMF Radiation?

Both natural and manufactured devices can generate electromagnetic fields or EMFs. We can even find them in the devices we use daily.

It’s mind-boggling to consider how pervasive these energy waves are without our knowledge.

Caution: Your Home May Be Filled with EMF Radiation!

A vital first step in being more conscious of our exposure to EMF radiation is identifying which equipment releases it.

  1. Baby Monitors

High levels of EMF radiation emitted by wireless baby monitors are detrimental to children. According to a 2014 study, children’s brains have different anatomy than adults’ brains, including a smaller skull, a higher water content, and variations in marrow and stem cells, all of which impact how EMFs interact with brain tissue.

  1. Wi-Fi Routers with Faster Speeds

Wi-Fi routers and modems also release EMFs. Understandably, some people would be concerned about the EMFs emitted by Wi-Fi, given that nearly every house now has its network.

  1. Wireless and Bluetooth Devices

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified Bluetooth and wireless devices as possibly carcinogenic to humans due to the radio frequency radiation (RFR) they emit.

This type of EMF is present in many standard electronic devices, including computers, cell phones, microwave ovens, and Bluetooth.

  1. Smart Watch

One can also find a small amount of EMF in smartwatches. This radiation primarily comes from communication signals such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

  1. Security Systems

Home security systems emit both radiofrequency and ultra-low-frequency radiation. Even infrared and microwave radiation can be emitted by specific home security systems.

It is also important to note that wireless smart home security systems produce more EMFs than their wired counterparts

  1. Televisions

For most standard units, other than when very close, modern flat-screen televisions can emit electromagnetic radiation, whether they use light-emitting diode technology, plasma, or LCD. Using a RF meter is a great way to measure any concerns.

  1. Microwave Ovens

Microwaves emit radio waves, a type of EMF, to cook food. Even though the oven’s frame and mesh glass door are shielded against microwave radiation, nearly all microwaves, even those wholly operational and brand new, leak some of this radiation.

How Much is Too Much? 

The frequency and strength of EMFs determine the degree of deemed harmful EMFs.

According to several international organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), people should not be exposed to electric fields stronger than five (5) kV/m or magnetic fields stronger than 0.1 mT (1 gauss or 1,000 mG).

This is an area that is in question by many doctors and professionals that understand the dangers. Some EMF Specialist agree that levels of electric fields should be much lower. Others in this industry (Building Biologist) would suggest the following;

Magnetic field (3D)

<0.20 mG Ideal

<0.20 – 1.00 mG Slight Concern

<1.00 – 5.00 mG Severe Concern

>5.00 mG Extreme Concern

Electric Field (3D, potential free):

<0.3 V/m — Ideal

<1.5 V/m — Slight Concern

<10 V/m — Severe Concern

>10 V/m — Extreme Concern

Radiofrequency (also called RF or Microwave) Radiation

<0.1 uW per meter squared Ideal

0.1-10 uW per meter squared Slight Concern

10-1000 uW per meter squared Severe Concern

>1000 uW per meter squared Extreme Concern

Protect Your Home from EMF Radiation

We encounter EMFs from various sources, including Wi-Fi, cell phone signals, and commonplace electronics, everywhere we go.

EMF protection is essential for home electronics to work correctly because electromagnetic waves, which are unstable and cycle at the same frequencies, can interfere with circuitry and cause electronics to malfunction.

  1. EMF Protection Materials

Protecting electronics involves encasing them in materials that conduct electricity, such as foils, tapes, and meshes. The materials are effective but less conformal and more likely to have tiny gaps that allow electromagnetic interference (EMI) to flow through because of their line-of-sight application.

Building a Faraday cage out of Shielding Fabrics, Curtains, and Canopies is the most foolproof method for protecting electronic frequencies.

  1. Keep Your Distance

Even though it may not seem like a big deal, sleeping with a phone under your pillow or on the nightstand isn’t a good idea. Keep these objects at a safe distance to lessen your exposure, as they emit electromagnetic fields.

Take all electronic devices out of the bedrooms, including the kids’ and your own. This includes phones, tablets, computers, and televisions.

As an added precaution, avoid putting your phone in your pockets or sports bra because the recommended distance is 10 mm. Staying away from your lap when using a laptop is another smart precaution.

  1. Go Back to Nature

Spending less time on technology and more time with loved ones is another easy thing you may do. One way to lessen radiation exposure is to spend less time in front of electronic devices. Enjoy your friends’ company in person and chat less on your phone.

The most significant way to protect yourself against EMFs is to go on lengthy walks in nature, play in the water, or stroll barefoot on the beach. Put down the phone and spend time with loved ones.

Wrapping It Up

A lot of us use our favorite electronics all the time without considering the fact that they release EMFs into the air. We should always be aware of the most harmful appliances and how to minimize our exposure to EMFs, even if researchers are still trying to determine the long-term consequences of EMFs on human health.

Redemption Shield is your one-stop shop for all your EMF protection needs. As a pioneer in EMF protection, it has consistently produced comfortable and convenient EMF shields that aim to give people peace of mind without losing everyday comfort.

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