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Do Smart Meters Emit EMF Radiation?

Electromagnetic Frequencies Smart Meter Danger| Minimize Exposure | 5G EMF Protection | Faraday Living | Cancer. in

Do Smart Meters Emit EMF Radiation?

Families and companies have widely used smart meters to control energy use since its creation in 1972. Pacific Gas & Electric of California was the first American utility to install smart meters in 2006, and since then, other companies have followed suit.

With its prominent usage, scientists now wonder if the nearly one billion smart meters installed worldwide are a potential risk to human health, especially with the rise of EMF Radiation in the environment and the amount of EMF Protection equipment available.

What is a Smart Meter?

Public utilities have long relied on meters to track residential electrical consumption. These sensors may track each home’s energy consumption, allowing the utility to send bills to the customers. However, the utility company must send meter readers to your residence monthly to verify your energy usage.

A smart meter possesses a solution for that—it measures and records data on energy consumption. Still, it can easily send data to your utility company hassle-free by transmitting it through radio frequencies.

With the help of smart meters, it is possible to track power usage in almost real-time. Power providers can set varying rates for use depending on the season and the time of day. It also makes utility cash-flow models more precise. Thanks to smart meters, utilities save money on labor because they can be read remotely.

A smart meter’s metering gadget is precisely engineered to detect energy usage through digital technologies. But how does it work? Power meters use sensors to monitor the current and voltage in electrical circuits. The power usage, in watts, is then determined by multiplying these quantities.

Do Smart Meters Emit Radiation?

Smart meters use cellular networks, broadband connections, and radio frequency to transmit data. It is thought that smart meters produce less radiation than typical gadgets, such as cell phones and Wi-Fi routers, but it’s still detectable, however using a rf meter during a download of information, meters soar into extreme levels in the middle of the night.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classed radio frequency radiation as possibly hazardous to humans. At least one study has shown a correlation between mobile phone use and a certain kind of brain tumor, so this makes sense.

The emission of radio frequency (RF) radiation by smart meters raises concerns that they may increase cancer risk. However, the potential dangers of installing a smart meter in one’s home remain unclear.

There are not sufficient guidelines that RF waves can cause harm, and the amount of RF radiation that people in their homes would receive from smart meters is said to be small compared to cell phones and microwaves, so the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) in their 2011 report concluded that smart meters possess no risks whatsoever.

In contrast, Former UC Santa Cruz director of the Program on Environmental and Nuclear Policy Daniel Hirsch said the CCST study was flawed because it ignored research suggesting that radio-frequency radiation exposure could cause non-thermal health impacts, such as latent malignancies.

How to Protect Your Home from Smart Meter Radiation 

Although there isn’t enough research to know if Smart Meters have health risks, protecting your home from any potential threat is always better. Here are a few ways to exercise EMF Protection against smart meters:

  1. Shield the wall behind your Smart Meter

A stainless-steel mesh layer that blocks EMF waves is one option. Before starting any construction, you must ensure that the building behind your wall is structurally sound.

Cover a smart meter with a shield may not stop RF radiation from coming back into your home. Purchasing a good RF meter is critical to know your homes hot spots.

A house is only as good as its walls, so be careful not to damage them or make any holes in them; otherwise, radiation will be able to seep in and destroy your barrier. Redemption Shield offers a Shielding Metallic Fabric that helps with EMF Protection. Seeking a professional Building Biologist may be necessary.

  1. Shield your windows

Like Redemption Shield’s EMF Protection Curtains, EMF Protection films have proven up to 98% effective. One positive aspect of shielding films is that they limit the amount of sunlight entering your room.

While this may be advantageous for keeping your house cooler in summer, it is a significant downside if you always want your room well-lit with natural light.

  1. Use protective clothing

Protect yourself from harmful EMFs emitted by smart meters by wearing EMF-blocking apparel. Wearable EMF protection clothing, such as shirts, scarves, headbands, and caps, are more aesthetically pleasing than you may imagine.

As a result, you may use your electronic devices, sleep soundly, and roam freely around your house without worrying about radiation exposure because they block it out.

     4. Use a EMF Protection Bed Sanctuary

Bed Canopies or Bed Sanctuaries are very helpful in high-frequency environments. Use a bottom layer protection if sleeping on a second floor or higher. Many have experienced increased rest, less headaches and overall well being while sleeping using a Bed Canopy.

Wrapping It Up

There have been worries regarding the potential health risks to those whose water and electricity usage are tracked by smart meters. This is because smart meters send data through radio-frequency signals, providing them with real-time images of your power consumption.

As such, several people are becoming concerned with the potential health risks of smart meters. Although there is no concrete evidence of its dangers, observing proper EMF protection is always good so that we won’t regret it later. For protective tools, equipment, and home accessories, trust only Redemption Shield as we’re committed to offering ultimate protection from all forms EMF radiation.

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