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Military-Grade Faraday Lining Bag Fanny Pack EMF Protection



Redemption Shield® Military-Grade Faraday Lining Bag | Fanny or Crossbody Pack | EMF Protection

Designer Crossbody Fanny EMF Protection Pack Bag is outstanding protection against damaging 5G and positive ions emitted from cell phones.  No longer carry your phone in your pocket! Our designer EMF Protection fanny bag can be worn over your body or around your waist.

Two pockets available for cell phone: The back lining of the pack features two layers  (sewn inside the lining) of faraday fabric. Block EMF radiation hitting your body.

This is not for anti-tracking, it mainly protects your body from EMF radiation.



  • Two layers of Faraday Fabric line the back of the bag towards your body.
  • Adjustable Crossbody or Waist Strap
  • Redemption Shield Metal Logo
  • Two Zipper Pockets
  • 5G | Millimeter Wave | Microwave Radiation | EMF Protection | Faraday


  • One Size 9x6x2in


  • Black
  • Gray

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Black, Gray

Customer Reviews

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These are wonderful products! We ordered a number of different items and tested them all with an EMF detector. They all absolutely work. Seller had great communication and was easy and pleasant to work with. All items arrived in a timely fashion, were packed very well, and a reliable, quality shipper was used. We will be using these products not only at home on a daily basis but will recommend them to others who will notice us using them in public/at work/etc. We are glad to have come across these protective products.

Thank you for your 5-star review Robert! These are wonderful bags and the crossbody is one our favorites to use while shopping, walking the dog or travel. It's nice to know our body is protected with the copper lining. Best of Health~

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