Military-Grade EMF Protection Bags Shield Your Body


Redemption Shield® Military-Grade EMF Protection Bags Shield Your Body

Protect your personal and financial data by blocking RFID scanners & readers from detecting your cards’ RFID signals. Don’t get hacked! Convenient and portable – home, office, car, or while traveling.

Outer black, Oxford layer is simple and fashionable, with inner, copper nickel, blocking layer – a modern and fashionable design.

Personal financial data protection is not “optional” for the modern consumer – protect your credit cards. Keep your car safe as well, blocking the signal from your car-key fob.

Hackers work hard to steal these things – protect yourself! This bag is a MUST for the modern lifestyle.

Place your laptop, ipad, smart phone, car key remote, passport, credit cards, transmitters, or small electronics inside the bag to prevent hacking, tracking, signal amplification attacks, and data theft.

EMF Protection Against your body from Cell Phones

As a preventative measure, always keep devices shielded when not in use and during travel.  The small cell phone bags and crossbody have two pockets. The copper, nickel fabric mitigates microwave radiation against your body.

Nothing like a one, two punch to Radiation!


  • Waterproof nylon lining (Super Shielding)
  • Durable Metallic Fiber
  • Waterproof 600D Oxford Nylon
  • 5G | Millimeter Wave | Microwave Radiation | EMF Protection | Faraday


  • Single Cell Phone Bag 8in x 4.25in (Cell Phone should be no wider than 7.25in and 4in deep) Full Faraday inside copper fabric.
  • Single Cell Phone Bag 3.5in wide for phone x 8in long (comes with a belt clip on the back to attach to a belt) This is pretty tight and a larger phone will not fit. Phones with cases are not fitted well in this case.
  • Crossbody – Two Pockets and small pocket for credit cards (6x8in Cell Phone should be no wider that 4.75 x 7.5 in deep)Full Faraday inside copper fabric.


  • Black

Thank you for visiting us at Redemption Shield – EMF Protection at it’s Finest~


Single Cell Phone, Belt Clip Single Cell Phone, Crossbody Black, Crossbody Gray

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Julie Bachman

Buy Military-Grade EMF Protection Bags | Redemption Shield

Thank you Julie for your 5-star review! Best of Health~

Marie Bridges
EMF Protection phone bag, Router cover, and grounding Mat

It's comforting knowing emissions are mitigated from some of the devices in my home. Thanks for your trustworthy, quality products!

Thank you so much Marie! We are glad to be a help...Best of Health~

High Quality

I am not afraid of my internet boxes anymore. Even if the company accidentally turns on the WiFi or 5G w/o my permission, I have the copper pouch which is large enough for a lap top if needed, covering those 2 little boxes. They both fit inside and I tucked the open end in and underneath.

I can think of many uses for these copper cover's.

My baseball cap is very well constructed too. I got that for work since the area where I work is surrounded by tower's, and I work out doors.

The cell phone case looks like a woman's wallet with a magnetic flap closure, is attractive and functional. Has a loop so you can put a carabiner hook on it if needed. Nice.

We are so glad you are getting protection from the routers! Happy to hear you are getting good use with the baseball hat and the faraday cell phone case! Best of Health~

Angie Watson
Great bags

I didn't know I was so sensitive to frequency until we had our internet service switched. Fioptics is now 6G which I was unaware. Anyway, the day after installation my ears started ringing at a really high pitch. It was so high I was unable to fall asleep, concentrate, my anxiety was higher than usual. It was overwhelming to say the least. After 3wks I couldn't take it anymore. I was ready to switch back to the horrible service I previously had but then I saw someone on SM talking about this redemption shield bag and how much it helped them reduce the ringing in their ears. Multiple people chimed in describing their claims. So I thought I'd try it. Boy oh boy! As soon as I put the wifi bags over the boxes, the ringing went down to 1/10th of that it was! I am falling asleep without issue. I do still hear a tiny fragment of ringing but it's tolerable. I'm so glad I found this site and these bags. I've said the ringing was so intense it's enough to make someone want to blow their head off if not fixed. These bags are a life saver. Sensitivity to frequency is an issue to millions of people and this is a great solution I'd recommend to anyone. They really do work. I did have to leave the open end of the bag open or else it interferes with my wifi service. I think that's why I still hear a tiny amount of ringing but it's so much better than before. Thank you Redemption Sheid. These bags were life savers.

Wow! What a great review Angie...thank you for sharing your experience. We are super happy you found relief. The new 6G routers and even 7G's are beyond concerning. Best of Health to you~

Rose Coombs
Phone bag

I really love it. Works great

Thank you for your 5-star review Rose! Best of Health~

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