Copper Bracelet Ring Set Handmade Genuine Copper Jewelry


Redemption Shield® Copper Bracelet Ring Set Handmade Genuine Copper Jewelry

Beautifully crafted copper bracelets and matching rings for a stunning pieces to wear while at work, or play. Many love to wear copper as an anti-inflammatory metal. Legends claims, wearing genuine copper is known for its spiritual strength. Great gifts anytime of the year!

Comfort and EMF Protection at its Finest~


  • Copper Bracelet/Ring Set-One Size Fits All: Bracelet and ring set are ideal for both men and women. Easy adjustment to fit any size wrists
  • Choose from two beautiful designs: Hammered and Feathered Arrow
  • Handcrafted: Bracelet/Ring set are handmade in India. Made with beauty and featured designs
  • 99.99% Pure Copper: Only the best high-quality pure copper to provide maximum health benefits
  • Includes Gift Bag
  • Made in India


  • Hammered (Ring size 8-9 can be opened slightly)
  • Classic         (Ring size 9-10 can be opened slightly)
  • Feathered. (Ring size 8 can be opened easily to larger size)

Care Instructions:

Rub with Ketchup and salt to remove oxidation. There are several videos on YouTube. Copper can turn you skin green with prolonged use. Remove and clean your skin and wear again.


Thank you for visiting us at Redemption Shield – EMF Protection at its Finest~



Hammered, Feathered, Classic

Jewelry Type

Bracelet Only, Ring Only, Set

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jackie M.

I really love the beaten copper design on the bangle and ring. They are solid pieces, the bangle looks great on my arm, the ring is a little big for me so will have to be careful wearing it. I bought it because of a little arthritis in my hand so hope it helps and the fact that you absorb a little copper thru wearing. Re cleaning ketchup was mentioned, I don’t have any but did use lemon juice and a little salt on a copper pot I have so may try it and see if it works.

Thank you Jackie...that is a great cleaning tip as well! The Ring should be able to adjust with a strong hand. Best of Health~

Beverly Ahrenholtz
Love my Copper

Good value

Thank you Beverly! Glad you love the Copper...Best of Health~

Barbara Jacobs
So beautiful!

Amazing quality- i have to find someone who can adjust the ring size to be just even a small amount larger. it’s so
solid ( basically a good thing) that i sadly don’t have the right tools to make it a tiny bit larger.

Thank you for your great review Barbara! I hope you can get that adjusted. They are solid. Best of Health~

John Gonzales
Great products

The ring set really works very satisfied. Thank you.

So very happy to hear you are very satisfied John! Best of Health~

Copper bracelet

Beautiful hammered copper bracelet has helped my hand and wrist pain

Thank you for your 5-star review Betsy! Glad to hear your noticing a difference in your pain level! Wonderful~

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