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7 Simple Steps to Reduce EMF in the Bedroom

How to Reduce EMF in the Bedroom: Follow 6 Simple Steps -Redemption Shield | EMF Protection Products. in

Insomnia is a real pain, especially for someone who works around the clock 24/7. A good amount of sleep can help release unwanted muscle stress and ache.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to sleep easily, so understanding how to reduce EMF in the bedroom can help sort out your sleep schedule tenfold.

7 Simple Steps to Reduce EMF in the Bedroom

Ultimately, our health depends on getting enough rest, and exposure to EMFs hurts and interferes with our sleep. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce EMF exposure in the bedroom. Due to a lack of reporting and unbiased studies, many individuals are unaware of the possible health hazards linked to our electronics.

For instance, devices such as Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, laptops, telephones, and other appliances emit an electromagnetic field (EMF) that some experts find to be worrisome. Therefore, should you also be worried?

Let’s talk about EMF and how you can reduce its impact in your bedroom in detail.

What Is Electromagnetic Field? 

EMF, or electromagnetic radiation, can arise from both natural and man-made sources. EMFs, such as those created by the sun’s waves, are what we perceive as visible light. Energy, including ultraviolet (UV) radiation, is released in all directions.

Electric power lines, fluorescent bulbs, microwave ovens, cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi routers, and bluetooth gadgets are among the many modern conveniences that create electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in a manner comparable to the sun’s.

EMF exposure is most often classified as either low-level radiation or high-level radiation on the spectrum scale. What is not mentioned is the heating of the tissue with the use of mobile phones and other electronics that fall into the microwave, millimeter levels.

This is the question? Are these devices heating tissue? It’s thought Wi-Fi routers, and electrical and digital kitchen appliances all emit low-level radiation and safe to the general public.

While Cancer-causing tumors may form in humans due to exposure to high-level radiation from the X-rays, and gamma rays, there’s no denying the effect EMF has on the human body.

Why Consider Reducing EMF In Bedroom?

We are all surrounded by EMF’s, and it appears the more we exposed to these microwave, millimeter frequencies the more drastically it impairs sleep quality.

You probably have a lot of EMF action around you while you’re sleeping unless you’re living without contemporary appliances or electronics or have knowledge of EMFs and have tried to avoid them. In other words, many people’s bedrooms and homes contain a lot of EMF’s.

But even if you can’t see bedroom EMFs, they can impact your sleep every night. Unfortunately, electromagnetic frequency pollution is a frequently disregarded component that affects the quality of sleep in the modern world.

Sleep is a crucial biological function. Your body is fixing itself physically and psychologically as you sleep, including repairing your neurotransmitters and creating new neurochemicals so that you can wake up feeling refreshed.

But for it to function well, our environment must support getting the best sleep possible. This will include physical and obvious aspects, such as sleeping in a cool, dark room shielded from EMFs.

How to Reduce EMF In Your Bedroom? Follow These Simple Tips 

Even while regular use of electrical and electronic gadgets exposes us to electromagnetic radiation, which can cause small annoyances and disturbances like sleeplessness, headaches, fatigue, and loss of focus, we should limit these negative effects. Here are a few quick techniques to reduce EMF exposure while you sleep:

1. Use a Sleep Sanctuary from Redemption Shield

Redemption Shield offers a 100% Silver Cotton or Nylon Sleep Sanctuary Canopy that reduces EMF and High Frequency radiation. All our canopies are grounded which is best with any conductive material.

With over 500 5-star reviews, our customers are amazed how much better they feel in the morning after getting a good night rest. If you sleep on a second floor or higher, we always suggest under body protection as well.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions at

2. No Phone at Night 

Through base stations, radio waves are emitted by mobile phones to communicate. The heating of biological tissues is the primary consequence of radio frequency electromagnetic waves. One of the other concerns is the ping irregularity to the cell phone ever few seconds that wreaks havoc on our nervous system as well.

EMF radiation exposure over an extended period can have major negative effects, including tissue damage in people and household pets.

When you sleep, turn off your smartphone or set it to “airplane mode” to turn off radio waves and disable the location feature. Moreover, this is a great way to reduce emf in the bedroom.

3. Make Sure to Keep Your Bed Away from Sockets

Rearrange the furnishings in your bedroom to make room for your bed away from electrical outlets and plugs. Electricity from power outlets is coupled with low-frequency electromagnetic fields, unplug electronics every night.

Then, in the morning, remember to plug them back in! Some prefer to turn off the bedroom’s electricity entirely at the electric box.

4. Stop Charging Your Phone Overnight in the Bedroom

While having a full battery at the start of the day is comforting, the radiation released while your phone is charged all night might disturb your sleep and harm the hardware. Recharge your phone for one hour before bed, and avoid using it to browse endlessly.

5. Refrain from Sleeping on Metal Coil Mattresses 

Your smartphone, tablet, and other devices in your house might expose you to EMFs. However, did you realize that your mattress or box spring may subject you to more radiation? It is comparable to sitting on a radiation antenna.

The majority of metal coil mattresses and spring systems contain internal metal coils. This metal can behave as an antenna and magnify EMF radiation from devices in your bedroom and other parts of your house that use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The electromagnetic waves can increase and conduct up towards your body after becoming caught in the metal coils. In addition, any metal which is alike in length and size might intensify these EMF radiation wavelengths, exposing you to more harmful EMF radiation. Therefore, switching to a more reliable option can help reduce EMF in the bedroom.

6.  Lose the Dimming Switches

Dimmers bring on micro surges and disruptions in the electrical current. As a result, they are one of your home’s primary sources of dirty electricity.

If you don’t already have another but are considering obtaining one, resist the urge. However, if they already have one in your house, you may contact an electrician to replace them. Your exposure to contaminated power will drastically diminish if you do this.

Candles can be used to set the mood. Choose the conventional incandescent light bulbs.

7Avoid Synthetic Materials 

Synthetic materials increase your chance of being exposed to static electricity. Therefore, stay away from using items made of synthetic materials.

Not only will doing this reduce your exposure to static electricity, but it will also enhance the air quality in your home.

Place a strong emphasis on natural materials throughout your house, especially in the bedroom. Raw materials that benefit you include; cotton, bamboo, linen, silk, and wool.

Take Away

Knowing how to reduce EMF in the bedroom can help you dodge countless health risks. Unfortunately, even though it is unclear exactly what long-term effects EMFs may have on human health, exposure is expected to rise with each generation.

Change your everyday routine today to decrease your exposure to EMFs to improve your health and well-being in the future potentially.


What are the symptoms of too much EMF?

The most typical symptoms include neurasthenic and vegetative indicators (fatigue, exhaustion, concentration issues, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations, and digestive abnormalities) and dermatological signs (redness, buzzing and burning sensations).

What produces the most EMF in the home?

EMF is produced by electrical equipment in use and by power lines. EMF is produced in trace amounts even by the earth. Everyone is therefore exposed to this type of energy. Appliances like hair dryers, microwave ovens, and electric blankets can tell users the most EMF.

Does EMF affect the body?

The heating of biological tissues is the primary consequence of radio frequency electromagnetic waves. Therefore, short-term exposure to extremely large amounts of electromagnetic fields can have negative health effects.

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