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Hardwire Vs WiFi For Home or Office

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Hardwire vs WiFi: Boost Speed & Health at Home/Office

Hardwire Vs WiFi: Why is it, we think that it’s necessary to participate in the next trend of convenience? We easily accepted Wi-Fi as the new method of easy communication in our homes. schools and businesses. The question I began asking myself; is Wi-Fi radiating in my home, 24/7, causing more harm than good?

Recently, I had a customer contact me, explaining they can’t sleep at night and wondered why? When I asked where their Wi-Fi is located, they said directly under their bedroom… hmmm

I’m happy to announce, I just finished hardwiring my home. I took a step back, to take 20 steps forward! My body, my plants, my neighbors, and everyone that comes into our home, should feel more at peace.
It’s funny how the little things in life, make such a enormous difference…especially for those of us with Electromagnetic Sensitivity.

Yes, I have to plug in my laptop and printers to Ethernet, but I will take that inconvenience over any medical bills in the future. One other benefit I noticed: My laptop is so much faster using Ethernet.

Consider getting your house hardwired today, don’t wait any longer… it’s worth every penny and every inconvenience for the sake of your health, loved ones, and family.


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