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Iphone 12 halted sales in France due to high EMF

France orders Apple iPhone 12 Sales Halted

Iphone 12 halted sales in France due to high EMF in

France orders Apple iPhone 12 Sales Halted over High Radiation Levels

Here we are in the USA and Canada using iphone 14 and nothing has been said about EMF Radiation. Why is it that our own nation is not regulating these devices? What’s more concerning, is the amount of children and young adults that carry iPhones in there pockets, near reproductive organs.

The European Union is making a positive action with this EMF Radiation SAR Levels reduction. (Specific Absorption Rate) France making this incredible decision is fantastic! What about the other phones; iphone 13, 14, Galaxy, Androids, etc? This is just the beginning of a movement that will sweep across the world. We can make a difference by talking about these things and educating ourselves about Microwave Radiation.


Protect yourself Now

We need to protect ourselves now! Faraday bags will grow with importance, the more we are exposed to these devices. The new fanny pack has two layers of military-grade faraday fabric sewn into the back lining where the bag sits against the body. Please read this article and see what other countries are saying and the steps they are taking to protect their own.

USA, wake up! We are being radiated 24/7!


  1. Iphone 12 Sales Halted in France

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Wrapping it Up

If iphone 12 is halted, why are the other versions still on the market today?

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