EMF Radiation: EMFs & Non-Ionizing Categories and Sources | 5G Microwave Poisoning | Cell Tower Danger.

Understanding EMF Radiation: Categories and Sources

EMF Radiation: EMFs & Non-Ionizing Categories and Sources | 5G Microwave Poisoning | Cell Tower Danger. in

EMF Radiation: EMFs & Non-Ionizing Categories and Sources

EMF radiation is everywhere, emitted by the electronic devices we use daily. The majority of us are accustomed to the modern conveniences of electronics. But very few of us are aware of the potential health concerns posed by the technological advancements that keep our world running.


Invisible energy waves are emitted by our cell towers, electricity lines, telephones, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, laptops, and other products. Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are created everywhere electricity is utilized, both at home and at work.

Categories of EMFs



Here are the two categories of EMFs to which you may be exposed to:


1. EMFs with high frequency.


This kind of radiation is ionizing. The scientific community concurs that prolonged exposures can harm cells or DNA.Dependable source Low quantities of this radiation are produced by medical devices like X-ray machines and CT scanners. Gamma radiation from radioactive substances and UV radiation from the sun or tanning beds are additional sources.



2. EMFs of a low to mid-frequency.


This kind of radiation is non-ionizing. It is considered to be innocuous to people and mild, however the problem we face is the continuous exposure day in and day out with excessive levels.

This radiation is emitted by common household items including cell towers, microwave ovens, smartphones, hair dryers, and washing machines, as well as by power lines and MRI machines.Extremely low-frequency EMFs (ELF-EMFs) and radio-frequency EMFs are included in this group of EMFs (RF-EMFs).

Categories of Non-Ionizing EMFs

Non-ionizing EMFs can be produced by both natural and artificial processes. An illustration of a natural EMF is the earth’s magnetic field. Two categories of EMFs produced by non-ionizing radiation and created by humans are recognized:


1. EMFs with a very low frequency (ELF-EMFs).


Several things, including power lines, electrical cabling, and home equipment like electric shavers, hair dryers, and blankets, can produce this non-ionizing radiation field.


2. Radiation with radio frequency.



Wireless gadgets including mobile phones, baby monitors, smart meters, tablets, and laptop computers create this non-ionizing radiation field.Additionally, MRI equipment, radar, satellite stations, and radio and television broadcasts also produce it.



Redemption shield provides solutions to protect you from the damages this radiation causes from WiFi, smart meters, BlueTooth, laptops, cell phones, cell towers, and more! In addition, our products include negative ion stickers that provide protection against positive ion electronics.



Source of EMFs



Keep reading to learn more about some of the most prevalent EMF fields.

1. High-voltage transmission lines

Under high-voltage transmission lines, we frequently experience the strongest electric fields. This high voltage is lowered by transformers before it enters your house or place of business. In certain ways, your house’s walls can serve as a shield.



The field is strongest directly beneath the power lines. With distance, both magnetic and electric fields experience a significant loss in strength.The field is weaker the farther away your residence is from high-voltage power lines. The magnetic field in the background may be quite weak in homes that are not close to power lines.

2. Electromagnetic Radiation and TVs/Computer Screens

Televisions and computer screens both generate magnetic and electric forces at different frequencies. Liquid crystal display (LCD) screens don’t generate a lot of magnetic or electric forces.Because of this, current TVs—which often have LCD, LED, or plasma screens—emit very little radiation.However, it’s sufficient to advise against letting kids come too close.



It is believed that there is little risk when watching from a couch some distance away, but once again with the constant exposure to many items 24/7 some individuals are experience sensitivities.

3. Microwave Ovens: Safety and Risks

The use of microwaves ranges from raising bread to cooking potato chips to sending television broadcasts. However, the majority of us use microwave energy in microwave ovens. If used properly, microwave ovens are thought to be secure.



Microwave radiation and superheating have caused burns and other damage in humans, although misuse is the main cause. While operating at very high power levels, microwave ovens contain shields that almost eliminate radiation leakage outside the oven.

4. Radio-frequency radiation from Antenna Towers/Base Stations

Different types of radio-frequency radiation are emitted by antenna towers or base stations, such as those for mobile phone networks, radio and television transmission, and mobile phone networks.



Cell phones use higher radio frequencies than AM/FM radios and older VHF/UHF televisions. AM (amplitude-modulated) and FM are two types of radio broadcasts (frequency-modulated).FM radio covers relatively confined areas, whereas AM radio is used to broadcast across very great distances.



Large arrays of antennas set up at high altitudes in areas off-limits to the general people because exposures close to the source can be high are used to broadcast AM signals.AM radio antennas could expose maintenance personnel to high levels of radio-frequency radiation, but the general public wouldn’t.



The top of tall buildings is typically where FM radio antennae and TV broadcast antennas are positioned because they are smaller than AM antennas.



The general public is told we are only very minimally exposed to radio-frequency exposures since they are below recommended levels close to the base of these towers, the question is the recommended levels.



Worldwide, the USA and Canada have the highest standards of allowed micro-watts per square meter, while other countries and already cutting limits substantially from studies proving carcinogenic.

Redemption Shield: 5G EMF Protection and Shielding

Redemption Shield 5G EMF Protection Fabric & Faraday Canopies block radio transmissions from low MHz to 10GHz using silver, copper, and aluminum block composition.These fabrics are used to cover generators, solar panels, electronic medical equipment, hard drives, radios, digital cameras, GPS units, smart meters, entire rooms, cell phones, tablets, laptops, credit cards, smart home appliances, routers, satellites, and much more!



Redemption Shield® also provides military-grade high-shielding silver/copper/nickel (23% copper+20% nickel+50% polyester)Faraday fabric with High Shielding Efficiency: Up to 84dB (and tested up to 10GHZ) 5G EMF Protection. We also provide faraday curtains, anti-tracking faraday cellphone bags, and 5G shielding & frequency shielding protection items.


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