5G UW and 6G Network Upgrades: The Harsh Effects on Our Body.

5G UW and 6G Network Upgrades: The Harsh Effects on Our Body

5G UW and 6G Network Upgrades: The Harsh Effects on Our Body. in

5G UW and 6G Network Upgrades: The Harsh Effects on Our Body

Just when you thought 5G already provides impressively strong data signals and powerfully fast transfer speeds, here come other variations of the 5G spectrum and the upcoming 6G network upgrade. If you are starting to notice a few icons right beside your usual 5G signal—such as UW and UC—on your phone screen, they are there for a reason.

What is the 5G UW Network?

Exclusive to Verizon’s users and subscribers, the 5G UW network represents the telco’s fastest 5G service that is made available to millions of individuals in the United States. Compatible with many modern iPhones and Android devices, the Ultra Wideband (UW) 5G network can be recognized in the status bar of the phone. If you see the 5G UW or 5G UWB icon on your phone’s status bar, it means that you are connected to Verizon’s mid-band (C-band) or millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G network instead of the Nationwide low-band 5G network that is slower and weaker.

What is the 6G Network?

6G or 6th Generation wireless is the next big thing after 5G in wireless technology. It uses higher signals and enables phones and devices to receive, transfer, and respond to data much faster and more seamlessly than its predecessors. Expected to be utilized mainly in the areas of imaging, location tracking, data processing, and presence technology, 6G works in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI).

The Negative Effects of Network Upgrades to Our Body

This fast and unending advancement of technology is truly difficult to stop. Innovations and new products rise one after the other, and they’re even better than the previous ones. But, if we think about it closely, what do these network upgrades mean for our health and our bodies? As people continue to support and tolerate the 5G UW, 6G, and other bandwidth upgrades on their phones and mobile devices, they are unknowingly facing serious health problems, such as the following:
  1. Microwave Radiation

These signals are used to transmit data wirelessly and can penetrate our bodies to some extent through microwaves. Some studies have suggested that prolonged exposure to high levels of microwave radiation might have adverse health effects.
  1. EMF Exposure

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are another concern associated with advanced wireless networks. EMF is a form of energy that radiates from electronic devices and wireless infrastructure. With continued phone usage, people who are exposed to high levels of EMF are reported to experience headaches, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, depression, and a tendency to commit suicide.
  1. Various Health Concerns

Some individuals have reported health symptoms like headaches, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, and sleep disturbances and attributed these conditions to the presence of 5G infrastructure within their neighborhood.
  1. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

This is a condition where an individual experiences symptoms like skin rashes, pain, and dizziness when exposed to electromagnetic fields. Network upgrades and continued use of wireless phones and devices can, therefore, contribute to various health problems and concerns.

How to Minimize the Effect of Microwave Radiation & EMF Exposure Brought by Network Upgrades

Because there’s no stopping the advancement of tools and technology, there are ways you can minimize the detrimental effects of radiation and EMF on your body, such as the following:
  1. Maintain a safe distance from network infrastructure such as cell towers and Wi-Fi routers.
  2. As much as possible, opt for wired connections instead of wireless ones.
  3. Reduce the time you spend using wireless devices, especially when they are near your body.
  4. Use the speaker mode of your device during calls to keep your phone away from your head.
  5. Use protective tools and shielding products that will block dangerous EMF and radiation away from your body. Our favorites are:
While there is nothing we can do to stop these giant telecommunications and technology companies from continuously advancing their technologies, there are ways we can protect ourselves and our families from the harmful effects they bring. Visit the Redemption Shield website now to get the right shielding tools and products for your needs.

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