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Redemption Shield®

Shielding Grounding Fitted Bed Sheet 10% Silver Organic Combed Cotton

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Color – Gray

Redemption Shield® Shielding Grounding Fitted Bed Sheet 10% Silver Combed Cotton  

Ultra-soft combed cotton.  Durable 10% conductive silver fiber woven under the cotton not visible to the naked eye, protecting the silver from body oils and debris.  One of our favorite items at Redemption Shield!

Comfort and Protection at it's Finest~


  • Connection stud at the edge where the connection cord snaps
  • 15ft Grounding Cord Included (USA, Canada, UK, Australian and German Grounding Cords Available
  • 15 inch pockets
  • 90% Organic Combed Cotton 10% Silver
  • Conductive,Antistatic,Antibacterial, Anti Dust Mite, Anti odor
  • 5G | Millimeter Wave | Microwave Radiation | EMF Protection | Faraday 
  • Does not offer protection above your body - You will need a canopy for full faraday protection -Anti-Inflammation for Better Sleep
  • Non-Refundable if used and not in original condition) due to body oils and more... 


  • Beige /White Edging (Pillowcase all Beige)
  • Gray/Darker Gray Edging (Pillowcase all Gray)


  • Standard Pillowcase (20x30inch)
  • King Pillowcase (20x37inch)
  • Twin Size Fitted Bed Sheet ( 38x75inch)
  • Full Size Fitted Bed Sheet (54x75inch)
  • Queen Size Fitted Bed Sheet (60x80inch)
  • King Size Fitted Bed Sheet (76x80inch)
  • California King Size Fitted Bed Sheet (72x84inch)
  • Jumbo Queen Duvet Cover with Zipper on Bottom of Duvet (100w x 97length) Good for mattresses over 12 inch deep
  • Jumbo King Duvet Cover with Zipper on Side of Duvet (114w x 100length) Good for mattresses over 12 inch deep

Washing and Care Instructions:


  • Gentle Cycle using a mild liquid laundry detergent
  • Line dry or dry in a dryer on low


  • Don't wash with bleach
  • Don't wash with fabric softeners
  • Don't use whitening detergents, oxi-detergents
  • Don't use detergents with strong fragrances (either chemical or essential oil based)
  • Don't use dryer sheet fabric softeners
  • Don't dry clean
  • Don't iron

Fabric softener builds up on the silver and will eventually ruin its conductive properties. Please also check/clean the detergent drawer of your washing machine for residues of other detergents, since many detergents (particular powders) contain whitening agents which harm the silver, even in a small quantities.

Earthing (Grounding) Explained:

The earth is a massive reservoir of negatively charged free electrons. Without a connection to earth, the cells in our body are unable to balance the positive charge which results from things like electron-deficient free radicals. When we use the earthing products, the positive and negative ions are attracted together and the negative ions enter the human body to keep us in good health.

Some have reported the following benefits, staying connected to earth:

  • Improved Sleep
  • Assists in Regulating Hormones
  • Improved Circulation
  • Reduced Stress/Anxiety/Irritability
  • Reduced Electro-sensitivity
  • Maintain Bio-Electrical Balance
  • Anti Aging/Antioxidant/Anti-Inflammatory
  • Improved Immune Function


Thank you for visiting us at Redemption Shield - Protection at it's Finest~


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    Redemption Shield® Shielding Grounding Fitted Bed Sheet 10% Silver Combed Cotton
    Redemption Shield® Shielding Grounding Fitted Bed Sheet 10% Silver Combed Cotton
    Redemption Shield® Shielding Grounding Fitted Bed Sheet 10% Silver Combed Cotton
    Redemption Shield® Shielding Grounding Fitted Bed Sheet 10% Silver Combed Cotton
    Redemption Shield® USA/Canada Grounding Port Pictured
    Redemption Shield® Grounding Cords USA Canada UK Australia Germany
    Redemption Shield® 5g Millimeter Wave EMF/RF/EMR Protection
    Redemption Shield® Stay Grounded...Healing, Life, Wellness and more.....EMF Protection
    Redemption Shield® 5G EMF Protection Company Logo
    Redemption Shield® Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Dee McLachlan
    Importing to Australia

    Gina, was super helpful in suggesting what to get. The shield came with the Australian plug connection (Thanks for that; I was expecting to find an adaptor). It is now hanging above the bed -- over the grounded bedsheet. The shield reminds me of my childhood sleeping under mosquito nets in South Africa. Probably, for several reasons, it's a surprisingly nurturing experience climbing into bed behind the 'shield'.

    Thank you Dee for the 5-star Review! I'm so happy your enjoying your new Cotton Shielding Canopy! It's always a great feeling to be in a snug and safe place! Best of Health~

    Michelle Schilling
    Love my pillow case!

    It’s soft and comfortable and it grounds me while I sleep! I tested the grounding capability myself with a multimeter and it works! I’ll be looking at the other grounding products they sell on Redemption Shield. Quality product! Thank You!

    Thank you for your review Michelle! Sharing your test results is always appreciated. We love the Grounding Sheets and Pillowcases, they are wonderful! Best of Health~

    Shan Collins
    LOVE these products!

    I have grounding pads and the radiation shield/grounding blankets on both my bed and my daughter's. I just ordered the sheets for my elderly father, who is struggling with inflammation. They are his birthday gift in a couple days. I'm hoping he will notice a difference like I did! I love the Redemption Shield products!

    Thank you for the awesome review Shan! Please keep us updated on your father. What a great gift...Best of Health~

    Geoffrey Gangel
    Seems well made and comfortable 8}

    It will take a while to get a well formed opinion, but untill then it looks very good.

    Thank you for your 5 star review Geoffrey! Please keep in touch with us and let us know how your progress goes. Best of Health~

    Never felt better! Amazing!

    Received my fitted sheet about 6 weeks ago, and absolutely love it. Less tossing and turning.
    Aches and Pains drastically reduced!
    I require less sleep and feel more refreshed when I wake.
    Absolutely incredible!
    Thank you!

    What a wonderful review Karen! We love hearing stories like this, it makes what we do at Redemption Shield very rewarding! Best of Health~

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