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10% Silver Grounding Bed Sheets

The finest 10% Silver Grouding Fitted Bed Sheets. Luxury Combed Cotton. Grounding and Earthing at its Finest

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Grounding Bed Mats



These really work!

I feel so much safer using these. I was getting radiation rash/whelps on my hands and wrists while using my phone, and they stopped completely after applying one of these! I checked my devices with an EMF meter before and after, and they really do work! They are now on all my devices, and my husband and daughter's, and I even stuck one on my internet router for good measure!


Wow! Slept like an angel. One night turned me into a lifetime customer. Gina was super helpful. I am pretty hypersensitive by nature and this pad gives me some breathing room to ground out without disturbances. Package arrived quickly and carefully packed. Could not be happier. Bought the smaller child/pet mat also for a sitting meditation, helps a lot. Will be back for more items. Got my heart set on a canopy next!


The canopy is excellent and as expected it blocks EMF. We live near a cell tower and were experiencing headaches and restlessness at night. Once we placed the canopy on our bed we were able to sleep much better and woke up without any headaches. Great product!! Thank you!


I absolutely recommend purchasing EMF protection from this store. I bought several products, they are all super high quality in every way, well packed, well shipped, and quickly shipped with contact from owner Gina. I look forward to setting everything up, thanks so much for the diodes!!! What a nice surprise. May your noble shop continue to flourish. <3 <3 <3 :) Peace, Leela


After two weeks sleeping already in my grounding bed sheet and my canopy, the only thing that I can say is thank you so much for creating this products, I am sleeping again, I am resting and I feel renovate each morning. Gina is so kind and answered all my questions. I got everything at the time that was supposed to be and and every single product is high quality.

Después de dormir dos semanas en mis sabanas y canopy, solo puedo decir muchas gracias por crear estos productos. Estoy durmiendo otra vez, descansando en verdad y cada mañana me siento renovada. Gina es muy amable y respondió todas mis preguntas.Todo llego en el momento que tenia que llegar y los productos son de excelente calidad.


First morning after sleeping on this sheet, I was able to arise with less stiffness and inflammation due to arthritis AND had more energy to start the day with.

My husband who tosses and turns all night, as well as makes several trips to the bathroom, slept right through the night. I’ve been grounding outside until this arrived. And thank goodness it did, because the weather is shifting and I won’t be able to sit in the grass like I usually do.

Lots of research backs this… and this product is well made. I will be purchasing at least one more in the near future.


I loved this blanket so much that I re-ordered a second one! Not only is it super comfy…but the grounding helps me to relax and sleep well at night. Finally dreaming again. The seller is lovely!


Ever since those 5G towers went up, I have been hearing ringing in my head. This cover has put an end to that! I am very pleased and look forward to purchasing the blanket and bed canopy! A++++


Great quality, nice style, easy to wear both out and about and to bed. I am sensitive to hearing high frequency sound and this product helps to deaden it.


This is an awesome apron, super lightweight, like gauze, I recommend this product.


Works like described. I tested it by putting my phone inside and checked location services. Phone not found. Called the phone and went straight to vm.


Just hung my curtain up and compared the readings on my trifield. Not only do the curtains look elegant, the numbers went way down. They seem to be a third or less of those ominous pulsing numbers with no curtain! I have a cell tower about 350' away. Now I will order at least 4 more sets.